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A Smart Move

March 30, 2007

The Cubs sent Mark Prior to their AAA Iowa farm club to ensure he gets some more work to pitch his way back into shape (or not.) Iowa comes to nashville to play the Sounds April 21-24, so there’s an 80% chance we’ll get him somewhere in the rotation.

Tickets, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


(Gasp) Logic Enters the Equation

March 28, 2007

I knew I liked Lou Pinella.  Not only can the man hold his liquor, but he is apparently not allowing passion over reason to dictate his coaching decisions.

The Cubs have named Wade Miller as their fifth starter over the occasionally flashy but oft-injured Mark Prior.  Prior has been on the disabled list at least once every year since he’s been in the bigs.  Just hoping for him to stay healthy is not a winning strategy, and Lou made a tough choice.

Now what do you do with a $3+ million/year bonus baby?  That remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure, he’ll have to earn his way into the rotation if they keep him with the ballclub.  It would be tough to trade him with his salary, and I’m not sure he’d learn much in Iowa.

I think I’d like to see what the Cardinals would think if they knew that there was a chance of having to face six innings of Zambrano, two innings of Prior and one inning of Kerry Wood for dessert.  That should at least assure the Cubs one win out of every series.

Fingers crossed, as always.

He’s Ba-a-a-a-ck!

March 27, 2007

I’d say Derrek Lee is officially recovered from his wrist injury of last year.  He’s batting .500 with 11 doubles this spring.  That’s somebody that is seeing the ball well and hitting it hard.

We’re gonna need him. Six days until the opener!

We’re right on track

March 26, 2007

WIth one week to go until the start of the regular season, the Cubs are 13-12.  That’s 2% better than absolute mediocrity.  I’ll take it.

In other news, in what may turn out to mbe an unwise move, the Cubs have optioned their rookie phenom pitcher Jeff Samardzija to their Single A farm club in Daytona. Daytona, Florida.  6 foot 6 inch baseball and football star Jeff Samardzija.  From the University of Notre Dame.  To Daytona.  Right in the middle of Spring Break.

Stay focused, young man and pass the amoxicillin.

I Guess That Proves It

March 22, 2007

Cardinal skipper Tony LaRussa was arrested this morning passed out drunk at a stoplight with his car in gear and his foot on the brake.

Great, I guess that means he really was able to outmanage Dusty Baker with is eyes closed. But hopefully not Sweet Lou…

I Need to Remember This Particular Monday Later in the Season

March 19, 2007

The Cubs won two games today.  Woo-hoo!

Somebody remind me of this during the darker periods to come.

Well, That Didn’t Take Long…

March 16, 2007

Kerry Wood’s out of the line-up already.  I think it’s a yeast infection or something like that.

The boy has got to start taking better care of himself.  Eat some yogurt.

The Cubs Are Rolling

March 13, 2007

Unfortunately, so was Carlos Zambrano on the basepath. God bless his great big Mayan warrior heart as he dug to leg out a triple, but son, it’s a SPRING TRAINING GAME!  At least he fell on his left shoudler and not the right one which has apparently been surgically repaired with a stone knife.


It’s too early in the season for me to be worrying about crap like this yet.  On the plus side, Carlos now has the best slugging percentage on the team.  Derek Lee will soon challenge him for that as the rehabilitating first baseman is now hitting for average and power.

And that’s a good thing.

Let’s Play Two Today!

March 9, 2007

As a matter of fact, we will.  It’s a split squad day and a chance to stretch the winning streak.  Or if we split, maybe I can count one of the wins toward the streak and just ignore the other game.  It’s amazing how quickly being a Cubs fan has improved my rationalization skills.

Go Cubs!  Beat San Diego!  And Texas!

Keep an eye on our two rookie back-up outfielders, Buck Coats (great name) and Felix Pie (silly name.)  Between the two of them, they have something like 18 major league at bats, but they are tearing up the early season whiffle ball pitching and turning on the ball well.  We’ll see how they perform as the pitchers work themselves into shape, but at this rate it will be tough to send them back to Iowa.

That’s Three Wins in a Row, Cubs Fans!

March 8, 2007

I’d call that a streak!

Which is a good thing, because Lou was about one more blown save away from an infarct.  Now let’s see what we can do today against our old friend, Greg Maddux.