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Snark-free Post

April 29, 2007

Out of respect for the grief of the Cardinals in the wake of the death last night of their young pitcher, Josh Hancock, tonoght’s game with the Cubs has been postponed.

Out of that same sort of respect, I will delay my futher gloating over the first two games of the Cubs/Cards series until the series resumes.


Cubs-5, Cards-3

April 27, 2007

Gotta gloat when I get the chance.

Go Cubbies!

Prior is Later

April 25, 2007

Wow, didn’t see that coming.


A Hill of Beans

April 25, 2007

Well, there goes our last best hope.  Rich Hill pitched a pretty decent game, but still saw his ERA jump from .41 to 1.57, courtesy of ex-Nashville Sound Prince Fielder’s mighty bat.  Good thing he hit a homer, because Prince ain’t gonna be legging out any doubles.

The Cubs are now a stellar 3-9 at home.  The wind better start blowing out of Wrigley soon or it may get a little dark down here in the cellar.

So the Cardinals Won the Series

April 23, 2007

At least our best player isn’t named “Poo-Hole.”

But it may well turn out to be “Pee-ay.”

Well, There’s a New Way to Lose…

April 18, 2007

14 innings.  At least we’re not in a rut.

And apparently I was right about this. I knew the Cubs couldn’t keep Pie in Iowa for long.  Look for him to stick with the big club when Soriano comes back from his hamstring tweak in a couple of weeks.

Speaking of Iowa, I was wrong about this one.  It doesn’t look like Mr. Prior will be accompanying the farm club to Nashville this weekend for a reunion with his ex-teammates on Vanderbilt’s excellent college nine.  Apparently, Prior’s chronic yeast infection must be flaring up, preventing him from actually earning any of the millions of dollars that Cubs fans have contributed to his salary through their purchases of Budweiser and bratwursts at Wrigley.


An Unenviable Task

April 17, 2007

Young Wade Miller is in a lose/lose situation today.  If he loses the game, well hell, it’s a Tuesday.  What did we Cub fans expect?

But if he wins, he will have beaten a legend in Greg Maddox.  Sure-fire Hall of Famer Greg Maddox who roughed up the Cubs a few times this year in Cactus League games and who apparently knows the location of the Wrigley Field water fountain that is taped directly in to the fountain of youth.

I’m not optimistic.

I’m a Cubs fan.

The Cubs Are Looking Up…

April 16, 2007

…at the rest of the Central Division.

Ted Lilly threw a gem of a game yesterday. He managed to  strike out 10  Reds and gave up only one run on two hits and one walk over six innings.  And he took the loss.

So this is what it’s like to be a Cubs fan.

Let’s Play None Today

April 11, 2007

So the Cubbies got snowed out at home against Houston.  And the Indians are having to move “home” game to Milwaukee.  Gee, I wonder who might see a little extra revenue for hosting a few bonus games and maybe selling a brat or two to boot.  Hmm…I don’t know.  Maybe the owner of the Brewers and their stadium?  You know, the commisioner of baseball.

This is exactly why I believe that they should move the opening day back a week or so, start most seasons at southern home fields and go ahead and schedule some planned doubleheaders like they used to.  I’m sure these highly tuned athletes could tolerate actually playing a game twice in a day every now and again.  Give the fans some bonus baseball!

Y’know This is Kinda Fun

April 8, 2007

Yesterday was the first full game I got to see on tv this season.  It was great to watch Carlos get so pumped up as he mowed down the Brewers.  The Cubs’ bats remain warm, so we haven’t had to depend on our bull pen in our three wins.

Maybe I was the lucky charm yesterday, but today I made the conscious choice to skip the game and watch the final round of the Masters instead.  Via the internet, I can see that we’re getting our asses handed to us.  But at least we’re not sucking like the Cardinals.