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Ya’ Think?

May 22, 2007

Mailbag: Bullpen causing some concern


from the Cubs offical web site 


Wishful Thinking

May 18, 2007

Is it possible to just be a Cubs fan for the first eight innings of every game?

Because if you just watch from the ninth inning on lately, you’d better clear all the sharp things out of the room.

Somebody Go Get Me a Broom

May 6, 2007

Cuz we swept us some Nats!

Even more impressive is the gritty way we came back in the ninth to force extra innings, despite the fact we were out of pinch hitters and position players.  If the game had gone another inning, Lou would have ended up playin right field.

Plus, we’re on the good side of .500 again.  Go Cubbies!

p.s. I believe it is appropriate to finally get past the Josh Hancock grieving.  Far be it from me to criticize his lifestyle,but  I just want to continue my Cardinal-bashing.  Tough luck about Carl Pavano, err…Chris Carpenter.  The DL is getting crowded over there.  I gave up on Woods and Prior awhile ago.