If you turn your ear toward Boston, you can actually hear the sound of thousands of assholes puckering.

The Yankees are coming on strong!

(Man, that pains me to type.)


4 Responses to “Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!”

  1. newscoma Says:

    Heh. I couldn’t write that sentence. You are a very strong man.

  2. squirrelqueen Says:

    “The Yankees are coming … ”
    Is that like a “one if by land, two if by sea” sort of thing in Boston?

  3. bridgett Says:

    If the Yankees were coming in mid-June, it appears to have been a premature ejaculation. Looks like they are once again 10.5 games back and shitting a brick about Johnny Who?’s injuries. And then there’s the Giambi thing…

    I would say that puckering asshole you hear is Brian Cashman preparing for his close-up with George.

  4. hutchmo Says:

    I had already jinxed them by writing pretty much what you did, but now the bloom is off the rose, so I can comment here. Fun while it lasted..love to see the Red Sox nation sweat a bit…

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